Laser Cut

Laser Cut, #1, 2023

Tanks in Traffic (Series)

Street signs and scrap metal

48 x 24 x 19 in.

As a Tank Commander, I was taught to use lasers to identify the distance and direction of a target. It lets us know how far something is before attacking it.“Laser Cut,” is the first piece created in this series. Before making a move, we do what is necessary for the shot to be perfectly calculated. Essentially, it means Measure twice, cut once. Laser Cut is a reminder of these principles. This sculpture is imbued with this intention and bestows all who inhabit the same space with a clear vision and focus on your mission without distraction.

Made of scrap metal, military components, and discarded street signs, this thought-provoking series of sculptures is an ode to my time spent in the military. These masked metal entities share commonalities, each unique in their own right. The inspiration for this series came to me while sitting in heavy traffic on the crowded Los Angeles highways. After leaving the military, sitting in traffic would often trigger post-traumatic stress, reminiscent of the slow-moving tanks in formation I once operated. Being an Artist who draws inspiration from my immediate surroundings, the shiny metal street signs lining the highway and the industrial components that accent the city planted the seed to create this unique series —born from a desire to self-heal and transmute these uncomfortable emotions, “Tanks in traffic” transforms hardship and affliction into beauty and art.