“I Am A Pioneer”

A documentary short film coming out Summer 2024.

Directed by Wesley Vaughn


I am an Artist, Army veteran, and engineer specializing in the creation of Afrocentric metal masks. The ancient tradition of dawning a mask is centuries old, used to express emotions and beliefs. As a child, like others without proper induction into healthy self-expression,  I found it difficult to express myself with words.

The masks I create are a gateway into a more profound expression of my soul, experiences, and emotions throughout my journey. I live and create as an example of what I wish for all beings to achieve. That is liberation from the limitations of societal norms, especially marginalized groups of people. 

My choice of materials speaks volumes about my belief in the beauty that lies within all things. The items used to forge my creations are often repurposed or scrapped. I create with discarded materials in hopes that others will see the value in things that might otherwise be overlooked. I’ve done that with myself, and I do that with the materials I work with. These things are not utilitarian. Their existence is art, and they can simply be appreciated for what they are – as opposed to how they can be used. I look to be a pioneer in this movement of liberation sweeping over the world so that all may be free to follow what brings them the deep joy, regardless of obstacles. I stand firmly as a safeguard for my ancestry, intending to keep ancient African traditions and culture alive through my artistic expression