Pan #1, 2021

Wolf, Shepard, Sheep (Series)

Scrap metal

107 x 59 x 49

Pan, the Shepard, is a guide, leading others towards peace and safety. Even in the face of evil, he is morally upright, protecting the Sheep from the wolves. However, he does not kill or resent the wolves, for he understands the circle of life and death. He is the messenger of God and the guardian of righteous ways. The Shepard guides and protects the Sheep as he carries out the positive will of the divine. He watches over all living beings. The Shepard is made of steel with a mouth constructed of industrial pipe, representing his nature of constantly pouring into others. He is a humble yet real man. A crown made of an old whirly bird rests atop his head, a device used to help circulate air in houses. This moving component spins as the wind moves through it, showing that the Shepard is always open to taking in direction from the Universe. This was the first piece I made shortly after fully committing to being an artist in the depths of the pandemic and the darkness and uncertainty it brought to many. He has guided me to the light, just as he does for all he encounters on his path.